Jessica (krazy_soi) wrote in renonv,

Possibly Moving to Reno

Hey guys...

So, due to some problems with obtaining residency in Florida, theres a really good chance that I will have to moving back to Nevada in December/early January and I will be moving to Reno to attend UNR

Now my question is, do you guys have any good recommendations on places to live that are relatively close to campus (I dont drive, but will prolly have a bike) that is of a decent price (im a poor college kid, LOL)

I am preferably looking for places that offer studios

Thanks in advance
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I know it's obvious, but check out craigslist. There are tons of places within biking distance.
Yep, thats on my list of things to do...I just figured Id see what everyone here had to offer, Ive gotten good help on livejournal