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Used Tire Shop Recommendations???

Hey everyone~

I have my ex-husband's 2003 Nissan 350Z (and it's loan and insurance payments) which he generously left me in the divorce. : ) Money's too tight to keep the car, so I want to sell it. BUT it's front two tires are down to the cords! I want to throw a couple of tires on the thing so that it's safe to test-drive, but I don't want to throw too much money into a car I don't want to keep. Do you know of any used tire places in Reno/Sparks that are good to deal with and cheap?

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There are a bunch of used tire shops down on 4th street.
I went into one of the used tire shops on Fourth... The one that's under the freeway and they just ignored me. I stood there and stood there and they didn't say hello or make any move to help me at all. Finally, after 15-20 minutes of waiting, I just turned around and walked out.
Les Schwab usually has good deals on used tires. They're all over the place. :) hope it helps!
I've heard good things about Les Schwab. I thought they did new tires only, it's good to hear they do used ones too. Thanks!
Yeah, my husband and I deal exclusively with them. I've always had a positive experience.
i bought my last set of used tires from les schwab here in fallon, but that is where i But seriously they do sell used tires, they may not all match but you usually will get them for a good price