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Room for Rent - Sparks Marina

I know it's a long shot, but I'd rather totally avoid posting on craigslist if at all possible. X33

Cost: $250 per month plus a cut of utilities.
Utilities include power, internet, water, gas, garbage, etc.

~The Room~
The room itself is 11' x 11' with a walk-in area and a closet. There is a full-size mattress in case you need it, but can easily be removed if you do not need/want it. It's in very nice condition.

~Some Features~
We're right on the marina and have a private boat dock. There's a nice calming two mile walking path around the lake. There are bike paths on most roads in the area. We have a nice coffee house walking distance (the Jib), a bar (I've never been to it), and several other very close and convenient things. There is plenty of parking on the street in addition to the two car driveway. Everyone in the house is easy going and keeps to themselves most of the time, it's never noisy. We have one cat who pretty much leaves everyone alone, and sleeps in my bedroom. I mention this in case someone has allergies. Indoor washing machine and dryer. Water heater holds a ton of water (I think 80 gallons?), everyone can take showers all in a row without water running cold.

~Some Rules~
Cats, dogs, and other pets will be considered, can't make promises on allowing all animals. Smoking is outside (this includes hookah). Whereas your room can be whatever level of cleanliness you like, clean up after yourself in shared areas (bathroom, kitchen, living room). If you want to have people over it's usually okay, just please ask first.

Front of House

View from Backyard

Private Boat Dock

Let me know if you're interested or have any questions~

Comment here, or email me: washingtonkillinforfun at gmail dot com.
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